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We offer specially engineered high quality stamps, ink, stamp pads and markers for all your industrial marking needs. Make your mark almost anywhere with the pre-inked industrial stamps from Xstamper. Our proprietary ink formulation is fast drying, permanent and water-resistant when fully cured. The Traditional "Real" Rubber Stamps are an all natural rubber die for use with our Industrial hi-seal inks. Xtensions are a convenient and adaptable marking solution. Connect pieces vertically or horizontally to create a customized alphabetical and/or numeric message. Perfect for use in hard to reach locations. The Artline Industrial Marker Collection is a permanent and quick-drying. There is a solution for just about any unique marking situation or environment. Artline Hi-Seal Industrial inks are formulated to perform under the harshest conditions encountered in today's manufacturing world.
Traditional Stamps Xtensions
Pre-Inked Stamps
Refill Ink Markers Stamp Pads

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